Fri, July 18, 2010 12:00
Hair Extension Miami

Hair Extensions Miami

If you have been dying to grow your hair but it is not happening fast enough, you should consider Miami hair extensions. Your favorite celebrity did not grow their locks overnight, and chances are they have extensions. Of course there are quite a few different methods to give you long flowing hair, but the best is the strand by strand system, especially if you have hair that has been damaged by chemical processing, blow drying and curling or flat irons. Glue and wax hair extension treatments cause breakage and can even burn because of the heat gun application.

Hair extensions in Miami specialize in the strand by strand system and will match the color, look and texture of your own locks. A crystallized bonding method will not damage your hair and creates a natural hairstyle. Your friends and family will wonder how your hair grew so fast. If you decide that you want to have them removed the process is easy as the bonding dissolves into a fine powder upon removal.

If you have decided to get hair extensions there are a few things that you should consider before you head to the salon. Make sure that your hair is washed and dried before your scheduled appointment. Use a clarifying shampoo without conditioner. Once you have your new look avoid hair products, including shampoo, for 48 hours. Technicians recommend that you stay out of the pool unless you wear a tight fitting bathing cap. Chlorine can wreck havoc on your new locks. Other recommendations include using shampoos and conditioners that contain little or no oil, and moisturizers which could cause shedding. Remember not to over-shampoo. Even the best extensions can fall out if you spend too much time in the shower. Do not go to bed with a wet head and fasten your hair into a large braid before you go to sleep. This will avoid waking up with a tangled mess. Get yourself a satin or high cotton content pillowcase. Not only is it good for your hair, but it can also help with your complexion. Be careful with brushes and combs as constant pulling and tugging can cause your new hair to fall out. Protect your investment and use a hair brush that is made for extensions. 100% Remy human hair is the only product that Miami hair extensions use. They are pre-tipped and pre-glued which means that application is easy and look very natural.

Once you have made your appointment the only choice that you will have to make is the look. One of the most popular is straight hair. It has more colors than other styles and is soft and luminous. If you need to add body, opt for waves. They look especially good on women who have fine or limp hair as wavy extensions add volume.

Hair extensions in Miami can last up to four months providing you have regular maintenance and follow the salons guidelines. The process generally takes about three to five hours, but the results will have you wondering why you waited so long to get them.